At Last and to sum up a hard working summer i am very pleased to launch Travellers Voice, the site for all Travel Enthusiasts around the globe. The idea is to create a platform and a community in which all kinds of travellers have a space to make their voices heard.

here you can seek inspiration, raise concerns, ask questions, discuss or just collaborate around the one thing we all love, the travelling. This is available for you in the page Travellers Voice Community. (see menu above)

While some people love to write and interact through forums and communities many want to verbally discuss, collaborate or just ask questions. This is why we  have created our own Club in the very hot Clubhouse app. You can chose to just listen or be very active in the dialog. Check out our Clubhouse page.

Another component of the site is our Surveys. Short and crisp Surveys or Polls to address actualities within travel. And today, at the opening day of Travellers Voice we are happy to present two of our surveys.

We have also a section for Articles. And the first Article we have published is written by Ann Cederhall, An Airline expert in many ways. Her first article relates to the Online Experience on an airline website. But we’d love to hear from you travellers too in this section. From you whom have a whole career with travelling but never worked in the travel industry. What do you have to tell?

And finally we have this, Editors’ Voice where i will touch base on things from A-Z within travel. Maybee some comments on the surveys or perhaps a more in depth reasoning around a subject that is currently on every bodys lips.

Travellers Voice is a sister site to and Travel Employees Networking Group is a Linkedin Group with, at present, more than 48 000 Travel Professional members. If you are in the travel industry, check it out.

Again, very much welcome to Travellers Voice,
The inspirational network for Travel Enthusiasts






Stefan Eng

























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