Travellers are fantastic. Persistent, patient and almost impossible to stop. Despite a pandemic that killed millions of people and a new war where Russia believe they are in title to conquer the world travellers still want be on the go. 

A small survey done in Linkedin group with travel professionals, 63 % respond that travelling is in a small recovery. Again travellers are keen to explore, discover,  and learn from their journeys. 

 I wish that you all could be ever visit Russia and Moscow as it is a fantastic sity in it self. BUT, i would personally never set fot there again. I was there during the cold war 1973 and saw Lenin in the mausoleum, Vasilij cathedral, red square and many many other places. And i am honest when i say that, i hope there will be a future where people want to travel to Russia again. But before that we will continue to explore other parts of the world. Because we have it in the DNA, The travelling. And we wont stop for anything.   

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